Solar Security Light

Dark Times

We are living in dark times here in South Africa – aka frequent load shedding.
Not all of us have generators at the ready for when the power goes down. Load shedding always leaves us in the dark.
Inside, we have our electric battery-powered lamps or candles at the ready, when we know the schedule. Okay, so inside most of us are settled; we can see.
However, what about the outside of your house?
When the powers goes out, nothing works, except battery-powered devices (that’s dependent to charge with electricity) and solar-powered lights.

What exactly are solar lights?

Solar lights are also referred to as a solar lamp or solar lanterns. It’s a lighting system made up of solar panels, LED lamp, battery, and a charge controller. This device uses the sun (solar energy) to charge up the battery that it operates on. The charging happens through the use of the photovoltaic panel.

Benefits of Outdoor Solar Lights?

Here are some of our Favourite Benefits:

  1. When the power goes down, whether it is from load shedding or not, you will have the outside of your house lit up regardless.
  2. Solar lights will increase security around your house.
  3. Generally, they are easier to install compared to normal power lights.
  4. Safer Installation; due to lower voltage used which means it’s safer to install and use.
  5. Energy Saving; solar lights uses lower powered items such as LED lamps. They use less heat and giving more light.
  6. The sun is a renewable reliable source of energy; it’s always present
  7. Don’t even mention the savings you will make on your monthly electricity bill, making it the ideal budget-friendly security feature!
  8. Additionally, making use of solar-powered products is good for the environment; you gain home security through a green source of energy, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

A Carbon Footprint can be understood as the total amount of carbon dioxide released into the air (atmosphere) as a result of certain activities by communities, organizations, and individuals. Some of these activities include; electricity, using natural gas, heating oil, traveling via airplane, car, motorbike, bus & train and many more unknown activities that add up to your Carbon Footprint.

We Got You Covered!

Ultra-Link brought out a SOLAR LIGHT RANGE; that will easily and effortlessly light up the outside of your house and garden! 

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